I’m finally starting a travel blog. I pinch myself every morning as I am on sabbatical and wake up each morning with time to read, research, talk to amazing people through interviews, travel or not, and let my imagination soar. I hope what I write, and how I learn to be will be of service.

So Instant Karma:  In early July, I arrived on Oahu and made my way to the Kahumana Organic Farm and Retreat Center. Gorgeous place. A 5-day silent retreat awaited me. It truly was amazing, with the incomparable Mary Grace Orr as a teacher, compatible companions in meditation, an opportunity to turn off my cell phone and devices for 5 days, and some rich silent moments.

But also not so amazing: mosquitos, hot & sultry weather, air conditioning only in the meditation room where we sat freezing, and under my cabin a rooster made his home, awakening me before dawn and frequently thereafter until I arose. Someone actually commented to me at the end of the retreat that I was their sunrise partner. Imagine, me – a late night person – each day up to see the sunrise. Thanks to my rooster.

Oh yeah, and the vegan food. The Organic Farm had a restaurant open to the public with amazing offerings like fresh catch of the day; but for our group they decided to cook for the smallest common denominator – so vegan it was. I never do well without enough protein – I felt like I was living one of those jokes where people in hell have to watch the people in heaven eat tasty food

Finally, retreat over, and feeling mellow – I ride to the airport and fly to the Big Island. The car rental assistant offered me a true compact car – a Mazda Miata convertible. Sure, I said – I’ll tool around the island in this (and I did!). Then I arrived at the beautiful Royal Kona Resort (which I’d booked as part of a package deal unseen). The assistant at the counter looked at my name and told me she just upgraded me – to a top floor balcony room overlooking the ocean! Ok, I said!

So maybe those 5 days in sweltering heat paid off after all – is there instant karma? Seems to be in Hawaii!

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